We couldn’t believe our luck when we saw a tractor and rake parked right outside the Pre-school. So exciting! On our walk to the river we stopped to listen/look for the abundance of grasshoppers. Celebrating the end of term on Wednesday a selection of Forest School activities were available for children to enjoy, including peeling …

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To support the children’s fascination with minibeasts a butterfly themed tray offered them further opportunity to explore caterpillars, butterflies and flowers. And to practice their fine physical skills a magnetic bug game was well received. Another trip to the park and some children are mastering the art of the seesaw. With all the beautiful flowers …

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Den building is an essential part of a child’s development. Draping netting and material over and around different sized/shaped objects gave the children a sense of enclosure, and when inside pretended the world outside was a very different one, where dinosaurs, monsters and werewolves roam! Looking for insects on Wednesday morning encouraged the children to …

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Well we certainly got out and about this week. The children easily made the climb up to St Catherine’s Chapel and enjoyed exploring the building inside and out. Running back down the hill though was even better and we ended up walking to the river and having a paddle in the stream. At the park …

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There were lots of opportunities to investigate the natural world this week. Playing the ‘duplicate game’ children looked around the allotments searching for items that matched those on the table. Using observational skills they also found lots of caterpillars and ladybirds. We used the Ipad to identify caterpillars, moths and manitus! Making tracks in paint …

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Water water everywhere. Trying to keep the children cool this week lots of water activities were available. Water with bubbles, iced water, painting with water and ‘cooking’ with water. Avoiding the hottest part of the day our indoor activities included threading hoops onto sticks, rolling playdough, and making a card for a special person on …

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Fashion a crown. Made out of leaves, flowers, sticky weed or anything the children could find they became a king or queen of green with a natural crown. Clay faces. Using their hands to squash the clay the children used stones/sticks/leaves/petals for the eyes, nose, mouth and hair. Picnic. Making the most of the fine …

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And the fascination with mud and paint continues……. Adventures in peeling. A worthwhile skill for children to learn and is good for the muscles in the hand and arm. Requiring persistence and problem solving the children concentrated and worked really hard. The children used their imagination mixing potions as they made all kinds of wonderful …

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Thank you Lucy for bringing in some tadpoles. It was lovely to see the excitement on the faces of the children when they saw them in the tank. Exploring and learning about life cycles through observation and illustration is important for children to help them respect and care for the living things round them. After …

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When outside, all of a child’s senses are stimulated and there is direct contact with the weather, seasons and natural world. The children definitely experienced all of this throughout the week. From finding a birds nest, looking for insects, planting, washing, cleaning and painting. We did find a little time to play though.

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