Passengers on a coach were delighted to witness the preschool children busy watering the garden this week. And the children were delighted to see swans and their cygnets, wire birds, the finished product they had helped Sue make, and getting splashed by me as we walked around the village. A dry, sunny week allowed the […]

Delighted to find the house had turned into Chesil Bank cafe, the children quickly used their experiences to role play as customers and the hospitality industry. Offering the children the opportunity to paint, print, and glue, they made cards for that special day on Sunday and decorated cut out templates. Arts and crafts provide a

After a delivery of sand the children used the wheelbarrows and spades donated by Abbotsbury beachcomers to refill the sandpit. Making potions this week proved a fun sensory activity that helped children develop their imagination, creativity, and hand-eye coordination. Mixing, scooping, pouring and grinding, the children made wonderful concoctions. Good luck to the children taking

Walking to the allotments on Wednesday the children had a big surprise. A tractor with a front loader and hydraulic crane at the back was blocking the path. Whilst admiring the magnificent JCB the driver approached and asked if the children wanted to climb aboard. What a treat. After informing them he had filled in

Nature is a very good place for children to learn. This week the children used all their senses during a sensory bingo game. They certainly experienced sounds, smells, textures, temperatures and colours on our Abbotsbury Explorers day to the Subtropical gardens. Other activities included a scavenger hunt, leaf rubbing, threading pasta, and using rolling pins

There was so much going on in the garden this week. The children were busy washing cars, handing out food and drink to the audience waiting for the show to start, and putting on a show. The discovery of a slow worm held the children’s fascination for a long time as they watched excitedly as

Meeting at the Swannery this week the children came prepared for the wet weather. Wellies were definitely needed, however we were lucky not to get any rain. After listening to ‘The Ugly Duckling’ story in the outdoor classroom Abbotsbury Swannery kindly offered us we headed out to follow the Bramley Hedge Trail. Later, the children

An unusually quiet morning allowed us a walk to the Chapel. After easily climbing to the top the children still had enough energy to roly poly down the hill, (apparently rolling down a hill develops a child’s brain) collect the cut grass into piles, and climb the fence to see the carpet of bluebells. They

This week we launched our new adventure, Abbotsbury Explorers. Once a fortnight Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens and Abbotsbury Swannery have invited the Pre-school to explore their wonderful attractions. Our first visit to the gardens this week was a huge success. As we walked around the children explored the environment with enthusiasm. They found lots of wild

It’s fair to say children never tire of Easter egg hunts. I’m not sure what they enjoyed more, hiding the eggs for me to find, or searching for them. Deciding to look for lambs on Wednesday due to the weather we still managed to get caught in a hail storm as we watched a lorry

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