About Chesil Bank Pre-School

What makes a child a happy, successful learner at Pre-School?

By planting the seed of learning, nurturing it with
encouragement, praise and positivity.

At Chesil Bank Pre-School, in-line with the government's "Early Years Foundation Stage" guidelines, we make sure your child is safe, happy and ready to learn through play.

We see each child as an individual and encourage their growth with kindness, dedication and reward, whilst feeding them with a growing knowledge of social rules.

We value playing in the fresh air, with plenty of time spent in our outdoor area, climbing, riding, playing in the sand, scooting, running and tending to our garden and allotment area.

Set in the delightful village of Abbotsbury we regularly go on "seasonal themed learning’ walks and outings- after all, we are in one of the UK’s most beautiful places!

Chesil Bank Pre-School

Inside, we have great fun with dressing up, play dough, a ‘home corner’, painting, crafts, number-work, shared reading and songs.

We even run a Baby/Toddler group once a week so you can make an early start and easy transfer to the Pre-School! As your child becomes old enough to go to primary school, we will help with that transition too.

Chesil Bank Pre-School

Apart from the lovely setting of Strangways Hall, our most important resource is the staff. Our staff and committee are all DBS and Ofsted checked, two staff hold relevant degrees, the others have Early Years qualifications and we all keep up to date with regular courses and study.

All staff are very approachable, and due to small pre-school numbers can offer individual tailored care for each unique child when necessary.

Many of our parents come from outside our immediate area, as they recognise that what we provide is seldom available in other settings. So if you think your child would benefit from the unique and welcoming care of Chesil Bank Pre-School, just contact us for a visit.

From tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow, and we
can’t wait to see how your child will flourish!

Chesil Bank Pre-School

Where Are We?

Postal Address

Chesil Bank Pre-School

Strangways Hall
Market Street, Abbotsbury
Dorset DT3 4JR

daytime phone

(01305) 871932

evening phone

07752 050507

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