Creating a flower shop

There was plenty of flower arranging as the children played with and rearranged the flowers ready to buy and sell in their shop. As shop keepers and customers they used language related to buying and selling. Creating a flower shop exposed the children to vibrant and beautiful colours. Using mega blocks and wooden blocks to create vases for the flowers demonstrates creative thinking. This kind of open-ended play encourages children to come up with unique solutions and designs. Printing flowers with paint using bottles and forks is a creative way for children to express themselves artistically. It allows them to explore different art techniques and experiment with various materials. Playdough was used to stand flowers up in, and lavender seeds added to playdough for extra sensory dimension. This not only engages their sense of touch but also introduces them to different textures and scents.

We also managed to go to the playground and the green where children used their balancing skills on the swings, imagination on the climbing frame (feeding the animals) and hand-eye coordination using bat, balls and footballs.

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