World nursery rhyme week

A week full of fun activities based on nursery rhymes encouraged the children to develop three key areas. These are: Vocabulary, language, and literacy skills, Numeracy skills, and Social, physical, and emotional skills. They searched for numbers hidden in the sand, played a fishing game, acted out 5 little speckled frogs, held letters up for the B.I.N.G.O song and fed the dog bones.

Decorating the bags for Candles on the hill this weekend the children used bingo dabbers to match each hole making a pattern.

We had a visit from Dorset Road Safety Education and Emma brought a miniature road ‘Street Feet’ with traffic lights and  zebra crossing for the children to visualise and practice the rules of the Green Cross Code. Emma talked about holding hands, STOP, LOOK and LISTEN and no running on pavements/roads.

Other activities this week included threading pasta onto wooden skewers, small world farm set, and watching Marj unblock the drain in the pouring rain!

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