Shrove Tuesday

Making pancakes, pancake races, tossing pancakes, reading stories about pancakes and eating pancakes. The children just love pancakes, especially the ones they made and Marj cooked.

A simple and fun introduction to Lunar New Year celebrations included ‘The Great Race’. A story of the Chinese zodiac. Children used the animals to act out the race. Children also used chopsticks to copy Chinese numbers in the red rice. The red colour symbolises good luck, and children matched gold coins onto red envelopes, often given to children to keep them safe.

After accidently brushing a tree branch and getting wet the children decided it was great fun and pretended to have a ‘shower’.

Tuesday turned out to be a good morning to visit the playground, our first trip this year.

Children gathered around the dolls house this week and concentrated for a long time setting up each rooms.

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