Promoting good oral health

This week we have been promoting good oral health while making the learning experience enjoyable and interactive for children. The children loved brushing the crocodiles teeth and model teeth to make them clean. This hands-on experience reinforces the concept of good oral hygiene. We read stories about dental care, visits to the dentist, and maintaining healthy smiles.

The recent cold snap we are having is keeping the children interested in the ice we find outside. We used salt to see if we could melt the ice to release the trapped items, smashed the ice with mallets, tried jumping on the ice to smash it, and made ice cream sundaes. Inside the children made ice creams out of playdough, using spoons and plastic cones.

A new set of blocks is being used for the children to engage frequently with the blocks in different ways, including three dimensions, thinking and problem-solving with the blocks.

Hiding the treasure in boxes, and making maps to help find the treasure engaged the children’s imagination.

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