Paint tracks

 Following on from the children’s interests in exploring ramps and wheels last week, ramps, tubes, tunnels, cars and trays of paint were set up as a provocation to explore painting along with big movements. The children had fun with some toy cars, trains and trucks, using lots of paint and paper to make tyre tracks (and a splendid mess!) They rolled different sized vehicles in a tray of paint then let them go down the ramp to the long road made of sheets of paper taped together. Ramps are a simple thing but provide so many opportunities for discovery and pre-science thinking (gravity, force, friction, inclines, trial and error, hypothesis, and more). 

Exhausted after playing ‘hot lava’ on the tyres the children noticed growth at the allotments. Noticing the rhubarb had started to grow, we then looked for other signs.

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