With so many celebrations happening over half term we had to start early!

Friday 12th February is the start of the Lunar New Year and the children enjoyed activities such as red rice and chopsticks, matching gold coins and red envelopes, and acting out ‘The Great Race: The story of the Chinese Zodiac’.

Sunday 14th February is Valentines Day and the children played with heart shaped pasta, tins and cutters.

Tuesday 16th February is Shrove Tuesday. The children became experts at cracking open eggs and mixing ingredients to make pancakes. Tossing the pancakes during the races proved slightly more difficult. Making pancakes out of playdough, cleaning up afterwards and making a ‘fire’ to cook them on also proved popular. For once the children actually saw the birds eating the food we left for them when we put out the remains of the pancakes not eaten by the children.

Delilah celebrated a birthday last weekend and provided animal masks and stickers for the children to enjoy.

On a quiet afternoon Pipers fascination with ice continued as we used grit to salt the roads to melt the ice.

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